Disinfectant solution sprayed

Disinfectant solution sprayed

TMB Report

Bishnupur: As part of the Eid Ul Zuha festival for the Islam religion which will celebrate on Sunday, BJP Kumbi Mandal and Moirang Fire Service Station under the supervision of Former MLA of Kumbi A/C S. Bira sprayed sodium hypo chloride disinfectant solution to contain from the Covid-19 virus at the areas where Meitei Pangal (Muslim) are residing under Kumbi A/C and also its neighbor villages, on Friday.

Borayangbi, Sagang Bazar, Wangoo Bazar,  Kumbi Bazar,  Kumbi PHC. Terakhong, Naodakhong, Kumbi Terakha, Kumbi Lai Sandong are the areas where the sodium hypochlorite disinfectant solution was sprayed.

On the other hand, Former MLA of Kumbi A/C S. Bira greets the Meitei Pangal (Muslim) community on the occasion of Eid ul Zuha festival and prayed for a Covid-19 free state.

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