Dingpi region blames valley based UGs for underdevelopment: Assam Rifles

Dingpi region blames valley based UGs for underdevelopment: Assam Rifles

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IMPHAL: The Assam Rifles organized a security meeting in bordering villages at Dingpi region where villagers of remote region of south east Manipur attended the meeting to discuss the problems faced by locals due to ongoing insurgent activities.

In a press statement, the AR stated that during the meeting, the villagers highlighted the lack of development in the region and attributed it to the nefarious activities of the valley based insurgents’ groups.

“They also highlighted that the AR has been tirelessly working in the remotest corners of the state to bring peace and harmony in the region which was marred by presence of insurgents’ till 2007,” the statement claimed.  

The meeting was conducted on Friday by Sehlon Battalion under the aegis of Kakching Sector Assam Rifles, IGAR (South) with an aim to improve the bonhomie amongst the villagers and the AR personnel were deployed at Samtal Salient, it added.

It was reported that during the meeting an official of Assam Rifles wherein highlighting that the aim of AR is to integrate the remotest region of Manipur into the National Fabric. He urged the villagers to continue to show pro-activeness in order to ensure that peace and tranquility prevails in the area. He further exhorted upon the need to educate the youth of the region in order to channelize their energies in a constructive manner.

It was further stated that during the meeting villagers condemned the activities valley based insurgent groups and showed solidarity with AR. They further highlighted that with the presence of Assam Rifles the villagers have a right to carve their own destiny and conveyed that their full support exists with the Assam Rifles, the statement continued.

During the speeches the prominent members conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to the AR for their unflinching devotion and dedication towards the local populace, the statement claimed. It further maintained that the speakers highlighted that in the past one year the Assam Rifles has done yeomen service for the poor villagers wherein the developmental initiatives of Assam Rifles pertaining to electricity, water, education, roads and infrastructure has been a lifeline for the villagers residing in such remote corners of the state.

Assistance in terms of medical help being provided by the unit Medical Officers was also appreciated. T Baite, Pastor, Tuitong village blessed Assam Rifles for having taken care of all the villagers. The villagers considered that without AR, our life will be so difficult, it added.

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