Details of arrival of stranded Manipuri coming back home must be updated: AIYF MSC

TMB Report

IMPHAL: AIYF Manipur State Council has demanded the concern authority to make clear information of fixed arrival dates and time for the people who have got registered themselves through or local MLAs, and therefore urged the government to update information regarding the remaining stranded Manipuris who are still unknown of the fact of when they will be reaching home.

In a press release issued by the Secretary AIYF MSC Kh Himalay it was stated that the phase-wise mode of ferrying back home stranded Manipuri by train have made many people faced struggles and difficulties. It has raised questions for those left over whether they should arrange themselves for private transport or still wait for the next trip of arrangement by the administration for their journey back home in time. As many of their colleagues have started heading off back home during the first phase, the people remaining have now started to struggle financially and also undergoing racial discrimination.

 AIYF MSC appealed the concern state department to communicate with those authorities of other states and above all keep an eyes regarding the maintenance of quarantine centers for those who are about to reach home. It also appealed the authority that it must produce white papers regarding the basis of selections of stranded people for ferrying back home arranged through registration in or local MLAs, stated the press release.

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