Denied opportunity of no confidence motion, Congress plans to seek legal help

Denied opportunity of no confidence motion, Congress plans to seek legal help

Will approach either HC or SC, says Ibobi

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IMPHAL: Denied the opportunity of no confidence motion demanded by the Secular Progress Front on two occasion following nine MLAs withdrawing support from the ruling BJP Party, Opposition leader and member of Congress Legislature Party, O. Ibobi on Saturday stated that there was no other option to seek legal help.

There is no other alternative but to seek legal help by approaching the High Court or the Supreme Court since the opportunity of no confidence motion demanded by Secular Progressive Front in the house has been rejected twice, the Congress leader said while briefing media person at Patsoi.

Ibobi also termed the Speaker’s decision to disqualify the four MLAs by violating the High Court directives as a shameful conduct stating that the High Court of Manipur had directed the speaker not to announce the disqualification case of the seven MLAs till June 19.

The former CM also said that they have taken the matter of cross voting in the Rajya Sabha election on Friday to the Centre leaders of Congress party and necessary actions will be taken with the approval of the Centre leaders.

After the major BJP coalition partners withdraw its support, the BJP government has become an illegal minority government. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in the State, there will be no problems in convening a special assembly session as social distancing can be strictly maintained in the house, Ibobi said.

Commenting on the Rajya Sabha election, former deputy chief minister, Yumnam Joykumar said that the BJP government used different means to win the election by hook or by crook and people should have been aware of it.

The unprecedented and unfair judgement of the Speaker Tribunal to disqualify four MLAs at the late hour before the Rajya Sabha election without following proper rules was shameful and it defies legal norms, he said.

Joy Said, “it is high time that we remove the present state government and form a new government based on democratic norms and natural justice”. While saying that, he also appealed to the people to observe the recent political developments in the state and support the newly formed Secular Progressive Front.  

He informed that SPF met the governor on Friday and informed her about the political developments. The font also appealed to the governor to call a special assembly session so that any party can prove its majority in the house. The governor responded that she will examine the cases from a legal perspective, Joy said.

Since the formation of the state coalition government, the BJP was against forming a common front along with its coalition partners and signing a common minimum programme of the coalition government for certain reasons.

Joy said, “ Amit Shah has given a commitment to the NPP that the coalition government is for five years . However, within a year, the BJP tried to sideline the NPP and there were recent threats of dropping NPP MLAs from their portfolios”.

Joy also said that he was never informed about the financial status of the state even when he was the finance minister of the State. The BJP led state government is not capable of taking funds from the Centre when compared with the previous Congress government which was able to receive funds for different major schemes in the State.

He also said that the BJP government tried to abolish NPP in the State and the party members had been tolerating it for long. Under BJP government, the state is under Gunda Raj, police Raj as there has been different instances in the State where any critics of the BJP government were arrested

If the BJP government continues to rule the State, people will have no democratic rights. As such, the NPP has withdrawn its support to BJP after a deliberate discussion among the members, Joy added.

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