Demand for Resignation doesn’t add up: Agriculture Minister

Demand for Resignation doesn’t add up: Agriculture Minister

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IMPHAL: Reacting to the allegations hurled by a farmer’s organization LOUSHAL and its demand for his resignation, Agriculture Minister V Hangkhanlian clarified that he was fully committed to welfare of the farmers.

Born and grew up in a farmer’s family, I am fully convinced of the woes the farmers are facing and as such being a minister in charge of Agriculture, I have been taking up various welfare schemes for the farmers. The demands for resignation from the ministership does not add up as I am always committed for the well-being of the farmers, Hangkhanlian stated in a release made available to the press on Sunday.

He further stated that he considered the observations made by LOUSHAL through the media were for the larger interest of the farmers and the department.

He clarified that the minister concerned is normally not involved in distribution of Urea fertilizers but the same is done through various agencies. Agriculture department has been distributing Urea fertilisers to the farmers of the state since a long time back. There is no dearth of Urea fertilizer in stock and Government is providing adequate Urea fertilser to the farmers, the Minister claimed.

Reacting to the allegation from LOUSHAL about scarcity of fertilser in the state, the Minister appealed to the oragnisation to point out the places where farmers are facing scarcity of Urea fertilizer to ensure that the department provides fertilizer to the needy farmers.

While terming remarks with politically inclinations as very unfortunate, the minister said that he was in Imphal till 2 PM of July 17. While he was in Imphal, the organization did not make any word about non availability of fertilizer. It was only when he reached the national capital the organization alleged non-availability of Urea fertilizer and demanded his resignation, Hangkhanlian said and termed such statement of the organization as politically motivated.

If LOUSHAL is a body of the farmers, do speak up in larger interest of the farmers, he said.

Questioning the logical connection between non-availability of fertilizer and resignation from the ministership, Hangkhalian said that he always opens his door wide for any discussion pertaining to welfare of the farmers.

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