DDAM demands government to secure their rights

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Disable Development Association Manipur (DDAM) demanded the government to help secure their rights which are clearly included on article no.8 chapter 2 (2) of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and also mentioned clearly on clause E section 2 and section 25 of the Disaster Management Act,2005.

In a press note released by the General Secretary of DDAM Md. Yunush Khan it was stated that daily wage earners and disable people are the worst affected sections from the present shortages in essential commodities and basic requirements due to enforcement of lockdown. It is the main responsibility of the government to bring improvement to the people with disabilities who are now living in despair. He appealed the government to sort out categories into state and district level committee for an easy way of decentralizing their constitutional rights. He mentioned that 50% of the total population of persons with disabilities has not yet been covered during awarding of benefits like providing care taker, employment, pension schemes, etc.

Md. Yunush Khan stated that market prices of many items have sky rocketed and government provided ration is not enough for longer stretches of days and urged the government to look into grievances of the people with disabilities as a priority at the time of global pandemic.

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