Crisis within MPP: Youth Front, Chanura Marup reject newly elected Interim President, Working President

Crisis within MPP: Youth Front, Chanura Marup reject newly elected Interim President, Working President

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IMPHAL: A heated crisis within the Manipur Peoples’ Party (MPP), one of the oldest regional Political parties in the region, has re-surfaced again this time as the party’s Youth Front and Chanura Marup (Woman Wing) denied Central Committee claiming to have ousted President Oinam Jugindro from the party primary membership over alleged embezzlement of party fund and other anti-party activities.

MPP Youth Front president Saratchandra Khongbantabam said that the so called Central committee claiming to have expelled Oinam Jugindro from the primary membership of the party, apart from removing him from the president post is null and void. There is a standing order banning entry of anybody in the party office from every 7 PM till 6 AM. Defying such standing order, a group of individuals intruded the party office at about 5 AM of Tuesday morning and held the so called Central committee meeting claiming to have elected L Krishnadas as interim president and M Amutombi as working president after expelling the incumbent president Oinam Jugindro. MPP Youth front and Chanura marup do not recognize such central committee meeting and election of the interim president and working president.

Having inducted as full-fledged party president, MPP unanimously nominated Oinam Jugindro as candidate in the last 17-Lok Sabha election. To manage the party funding in the election, Finance management committee was formed with president O Jugindro as chairman, H Gitajen, General secretary (Admn) as convener, M Amutombi, Y Bhim, L Krishnadas and S Ibomcha as members. Instead of Election committee, Finance management committee produced the account statement relating to election and party organization. Some controversy over the financial statement arose but the central committee later on approved the statement. MPP is run by a 14 member executive committee comprising of president, three vice presidents, four general secretaries and five secretaries. Following a demand to show white paper regarding party fund use, central working committee constituted an Observer committee to probe into the matter. The internal crisis within the party erupted while the investigation is in progress.

The so called central committee meeting held yesterday is null and void as it was carried out without serving formal circular to the members ahead of 15 days as per the party constitution. According to party constitution, president should convene central committee meeting. However, yesterday’s meeting was convened by two vice presidents and former general secretary (Admn) H Gitajen. The committee meeting lacked quorum and was held at 5.30 AM which is against the party constitution.

Until a final report of the Observer committee comes out, front wings of the party cannot recognize the newly elected interim president and Working president, he said.

MPP Chanura Marup president Kh Thasana also attended the press meet.

MPP is the oldest regional party in the state with a monthly revenue of Rs. 3.54 lakhs.

With the MPP workers and office bearers sharply polarized into two camps over alleged misuse of  party fund, alluding a tense and violent confrontation, police have locked the main gate of the party to prevent any unwanted incident.

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