CPI wants govt to focus on potential effects to poor people

TMB Report

IMPHAL: CPI, Manipur State Council has appealed to the government to consider the potential effects on people living with poverty while enforcing norms and restriction of lockdown in relation to the fight against covid-19.

In a press release issued by Assistant Secretary M. Joykumar Luwang it was stated that since Manipur has been classified among in the green zone of affected areas by COVID-19, which is the safest of the three levels, in statistical charts of the country, the curfew and lockdown should be lifted at the quickest suitable time in Manipur ahead of other parts of the country that are worst affected.

CPI also appealed to the people in the state to maintain social distancing while making purchases even if the lockdown and curfew are lifted up and requested not to repeat the scene created on April 11 when people flocked at shops and street vendor throwing caution to the wind when curfew were lifted for a few hours provoking apprehension of spread of the disease, he added.

Citing announcement made by WHO and virologists around the world that people with poor diets and living conditions are more vulnerable to the infection, he urged the government to take up selective efforts for people living under poverty.

In another press release, the party maintained the new 21 point guideline does not include provision for essential items and it will cause more hardship for the common people in carrying out their household activities.

CPI, Manipur State Council stated in another press release that the non-inclusion of providing essential and necessary items in the 21 points of guidelines prepared to maneuver in the maintenance of household activities and asserted that the guidelines made for lockdown imposed turns into hard struggle for the common people left behind during lockdown imposed country wide.

 The insufficiency in supply of protective equipment in paramedical staffs of private hospitals and overall lack of care for migrant worker will lead to bigger crisis, mentioning that industry cannot survive without these working class people. He appealed to the government to provide adequate supply of essential commodities and food items under disaster management act 2005. He called for decentralization of such type of activity so that it can be taken up at the district level and passed on to ground level workers who can directly handle the delivery and personally ensure that it reaches their homes. 

As the Chinese government allocated around 15 billion US dollars budget in the health sector they somehow managed to fight different challenges in health sector.  Therefore, it is high time to put focus and allocate special financial package for health sector to fight such fatal disease at present and also in future. Essential items for people living through daily wages should also be provided, it added.

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