CPI pressures govt to tackle COVID-19 with practical strategies

CPI pressures govt to tackle COVID-19 with practical strategies

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IMPHAL: CPI, Manipur State Council has put pressure on the state government to make an attempt with renewed vigor to tackle the worsening Covid-19 situation in the state by employing practical strategies.

In a press meet held at Irabat Bhavan on Friday, MSC/CPI Secretary L. Sotinkumar stated that a delegation of CPI MSC met with the Central Nodal officer, Covid-19 control committee V.K. Devgan and submitted a memorandum which contained a list of suggestions on bringing down the upsurge of Covid-19 in the state of Manipur.

Sotinkumar told the media persons when the delegates of CPI MSC enquired V.K. Devgan about the flow of central funding for battling Covid-19, he responded that there are no shortages in central funding for the cause of fighting against the global pandemic.

Despite the uninterrupted flow of adequate central assistance, even after more than 7/8 months had elapsed the people of Manipur have not come across any effective measures which are reassuring to them about the administration having a control over the situation in their hand. On the contrary, looking at the ground reality, it seems that the chief minister has abandoned his promises to build a dedicated Covid-19 hospital. In the meantime, nearly twenty thousand people got infected till date, and though the recovery rate is high the proportion of death toll is obviously alarming, Sotinkumar stated.

He advised the state government that the government should pour its resources in establishing a dedicated Covid-19 hospital with around 500 beds as it is the need of the hour. The construction can go ahead with Central government funding but should come up at the shortest span of time, he added. Delaying the matter further will lead to a rise in the death rates of Covid-19 patients due to overlapping in the treatment of both non-Covid and Covid patients in the same hospital. The deterrence on performance of the health centres over the dilemma of giving preference to either one of the two is further complicated by the existing poor health care system and infrastructural problems, Sotin said.

CPI National Executive Member Dr. M Nara stated that the party has no interest in extracting mileage from the situation for the upcoming by-elections, however it is consumed by the fear of another foreseeable surge in the numbers of Covid-19 infection after the By-Election and Ningol Chakkouba festival.

He gave a glimpse about the suggestions placed before the central team of Covid-19 control committee led by Central Nodal officer V.K Devgan saying that the party proposed that the central government should establish a dedicated Covid-19 hospital having at least 500 beds in a convenient location; provision of adequate testing kits, ventilators and other equipment which can be provided through ICMR and other Central government agencies, to let the Union government disclose the funding given to the state government for containing the Covid-19 pandemic, special attentions and more funding should be given by the Central government and monitoring in the prompt and transparent manner, and lastly the Central government should help and encourage the fund raising activities through the Manipuri Diaspora residing abroad. 

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