CPI Opposes Sale of Air India

CPI Opposes Sale of Air India

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has expressed its strong opposition to the decision of the Government of India to sell 100 percent of its stake in Air India, the flagship airline of our country.

The divestment of Air India has restarted with the government seeking to sell 100 percent of its equity share capital in the state-owned airline, including Air India’s shareholding interest of 100 percent in AI Express Limited and 50 percent in Air India SATS Airport Services Private Limited.

Unlike the previous failed bid to sell Air India, this time the government is deciding to off-load its entire stake, Roy Kutty, Office Secretary and Kh. Surchand, Asst. Secy, MSC/CPI said in a press release. The debt has also been reduced to Rs 23,286 crore from Rs 60,074 crore previously which indicates the bounty of nearly Rs. 37,000 crores concession that the Government is willing to offer to the private bidder, they said adding that this is nothing but an open attempt to sell family silver for a song.

This also confirms once again the policy of the present BJP Government to privatise the profits and nationalize the losses, the CPI said in the press release.

The CPI demanded that this decision to sell Air India should be reviewed and withdrawn in national interest.

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