CPI, Manipur State Council protests price rise of commodities

CPI, Manipur State Council protests price rise of commodities

Focus of the government during the pandemic has moved in the wrong direction: M Nara Singh

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IMPHAL: Drawing the attention of both the people and the state government, the Communist Party of India (CPI), Manipur State Council has initiated a sit in protest against price rise of commodities and unfair business done by the traders and affluent groups in the state amidst the pandemic at Irawat Bhavan on Tuesday.

Speaking to the media person, national executive member Moirangthem Nara Singh stated there were signs of prolific negligence from the side of the administration while taking up restriction measures as part of combating the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. On the contrary, the focus of the state government has moved to the wrong places, prioritizing its concern for people loaded with cash who can pour huge amounts of money in the election to hang on to power, he said.

The common people are putting their hands on their heads in a resigned state in their struggle to make both their ends meet due to the inappropriate prices of goods set by greedy and being short on income at the time of the pandemic, he added.

During the sit in protest slogans were raised demanding the establishment of a Covid-19 hospital immediately, objecting the hike of prices of commodities which has troubled the public. The protest was carried out with the intention to draw the attention of the people and the government on the adversities befalling the people at the time of the pandemic of Covid-19. The party forewarned that the critical time is still yet to come and the future hints of more suffering compared to the present.

Nara continued to mention that the state government has proven itself incapable of sorting out the grievances of the people and the spiraling prices amidst the pandemic and therefore the people will be forced to commence collective movements.

He also added that Covid-19 has been increasing rapidly due to wrong treatment methods and absence of a dedicated Covid-19 hospital in the state.

The protests were initiated to mobilize the people in order to make them realize the unfair business being carried out by the traders who have taken advantage of the dire situation. The party has informed that similar sit in protest would be initiated in the coming days in different places for opening the eyes of the people.

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