CPI Manipur launches month-long campaign to save democracy, secularism and Constitution

CPI Manipur launches month-long campaign to save democracy, secularism and Constitution

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IMPHAL: The Communist party of India (CPI), Manipur State Council (MSC) on Saturday launched its one-month long mass campaign under the theme “Against anti-people policies of Narendra Modi government; to save democracy, secularism and Constitution and No to CAA, NPR and NRC” at Irawat Bhavan Conference Hall.

Addressing the launch, State Secretary of CPI Manipur State Council L. Sotinkumar said that the mass campaign will be a victorious one among the various mass campaigns that CPI had launched by the CPI ever.

He stated that the CPI has taken important role during the protest for the removal of former vice-Chancellor of MU and protested against the various unwanted incidents happening inside the campus of the university. Not only that MPs of CPI had also raised and shouted with one a voice in the parliament session saying that AP Pandey must be removed from the post of VC and many leaders of CPI participated during the mass protests.

He further said that now it’s time to elect new qualified VC in the university, and the ideal person should be a senior most professor and well experienced in the administration of the university. The main issues of the mass campaign were namely Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), which is against the Constitution of India, and also undemocratic and not secular. The CPI will be keeping the CAA as the top priority during the mass campaign and call for revocation of the act. The CAA will bring various chaos among the different communities living in the country, he maintained.

With the coming of BJP led governments, led by Narendra Modi in the country as well as in the state, the entire citizens in the country and state are not safe anymore even in their own land. The governments do whatever they want under the instructions of some individual leaders pulling their strings. The present governments are undertaking activities which are against the Constitution. It is the right time for all the people to come forward and stand against the present government, said L. Sotinkumar.

Sotinkumar also further stated that if there is no proper secular policy in the country then all the communities in the nation cannot survive and live with peace and unity. What we need at this hour now is a proper and secular policy, added L. Sotinkumar.

Now, even Supreme Court and different media organizations are at the hands of BJP led government. Well-trained RSS volunteers are deployed inside the various universities of the country leading to brutalities to many students inside the campus of the universities. He also pointed out the recently incidents in Assam where many were imprisoned over protests on imposition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir after which the state was divided into two union territories Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, asserted L. Sotinkumar.

The BJP led government is a government that promotes rich companies, big corporations and committed towards upliftment of rich owners of the big companies. He also pointed out the visit of the President of USA Donald Trump in India and said that it is a policy to bring different multinational corporations together for privatization of the public sectors. The mass campaign will be organised at 27 constituencies of CPI. He appealed to all people and media persons to support during the mass campaign.

The mass campaign will be concluded on March 23, 2020.

National Executive Member Dr. M Nara, State Secretariat Member of MSC A. Lala, and Assistant Secretary of MSC K.S Surchand were present during the launching programme.

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