CPI (M) appeals CM for all parties meeting on delimitation exercises

TMB Report

IMPHAL: CPI(M), State Secretariat has on Sunday appealed to the Chief Minister to convene an all parties meeting immediately to discuss the issue of taking up delimitation exercises in the interest of the people of Manipur.According to a statement from the party, its State Secretariat discussed the ongoing preparation by the Government of India for the delimitation of Manipur under the Delimitation Act 2002 based on the Census 2001 report. The party secretariat decided that the delimitation in Manipur State should not be based on what it called the controversial 2001 Census data, as the data has shown abnormal growth in population in 9 subdivisions of Manipur.The data indicated that there was population growth as high as 143% in some subdivisions of Manipur. It was the handiwork of some vested interest groups. The secretariat feels that the law and order situation in Manipur may deteriorate to worse if the GOI continues the delimitation which was deferred by GOI using powers under Section 10 A of the Delimitation Act 2002 as amended by an Ordinance issued by the President of India vide a notification by the Ministry of Law and Justice dated 8 February, 2008, the statement added.According to the CPI (M), the Delimitation Act 2002 should be amended to stop delimitation based on Census 2001 in the interest of the general population of the state and particularly the political parties working in Manipur.“After a lapse of 12 long years the Government of India rescinded the earlier order and issued a fresh order on February 28, 2020 for resumption of the delimitation and readjustment exercise for Manipur. The delimitation issue is very important as all the political parties in Manipur are united on the issue and two rounds of all parties meeting were held in Imphal . In this regard the CPI(M) Manipur State Secretariat appeals to the Chief Minister of Manipur to convene an all parties meeting immediately as was done by the previous state government in the interest of the people of Manipur,” the statement said.

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