CPI lambasts Govt over fuel price hike, warns stir

CPI lambasts Govt over fuel price hike, warns stir

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Imphal: Launching a blistering attack on the BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre for the sharp spike in fuel prices thereby causing poor people to face hardships, Communists Party of India (CPI) Manipur State Council has warned of taking up various modes of agitation along with the people if the prices of petrol and diesel are not reduced in the coming days.

CPI MSC staged a protest demonstration at its Irawat Bhawan office on Thursday against the recent surge in fuel prices in the State with petrol costing above Rs 95 per litre.

Speaking to media persons, CPI MSC Executive Member Dr. M. Nara said that the BJP-led Government at the Centre has been coming up with anti-people policies and the recent skyrocketing fuel prices is a clear indication that the Centre is in favour of corporates.    

He accused the BJP Government of working only for the benefits of corporates neglecting the sufferings of the common people. The hike in fuel prices will eventually result in an increase of price in every sector in the country, he pointed out.  

He questioned whether the government could survive only on the taxes imposed on diesel and petrol while exempting the taxes on corporate houses.

Saying that the recent spike in fuel prices is unreasonable and not affordable for the common people, Dr Nara announced that CPI firmly stands against such anti-people policies of the Centre.

Taking part in the protest, CPI State Secretary L Sotinkumar strongly condemned the taxes imposed on diesel and petrol, saying it is unreasonable and unnecessary to increase the fuel prices when the common people are already facing the brunt of high prices of essential commodities.

He said that different States have different fuel prices but Manipur has the highest fuel prices among the northeast States. The price of petrol does not exceed Rs 70 in neighboring countries namely Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, he added.

Neighboring states of Manipur have slashed the taxes imposed on petrol but so far the Government of Manipur has not taken up any actions to do the same which proved that the State Government wants to loot the people, Sotinkumar alleged.

He mentioned that in 2018, the price of petrol in OPAC was Rs 47.12 but the price didn’t exceed Rs.90 per litre and in 2021 the price of petrol was reduced to Rs 29.34 but the price in the state has reached Rs 95 collecting around Rs 35 per litre by the State Government. The government should immediately stop such anti-people steps, he added.

CPI State Assistant Secretary M.Joykumar, Secretariat Member R.K. Amusana and President of All Manipur Nupi Marup M.Sakhi also took part in the protest demonstration.

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