Covid-19 vaccination drive launched in Bishnupur

Covid-19 vaccination drive launched in Bishnupur

TMB Report

Bishnupur: As part of the nationwide launch of Covid-19 vaccination drive on Saturday, Bishnupur District Deputy Commissioner Neeta Arambam has also launched Covid-19 vaccination drive at District Hospital Bishnupur.

The event witnessed the presence of SP/Bishnupur Priyadrashini Laishram, CMO Bishnupur Dr. L. Gojendra, MS District Hospital Bishnupur Dr. N. Bino Singh and volunteers of COVID-19 Task Force Bishnupur.

The CMO Bishnupur Dr. L. Gojendra was the first beneficiary of the inoculation.

Further vaccination will be carried out within 3 days to 397 beneficiaries. A total of 5 vaccination officers will conduct the vaccination drive.

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