COVID-19: Clap but more must be done

The nation on Sunday responded to the PM’s call for ‘Janata Curfew’ by staying indoors whole day since 7:00 in the morning and then applauding the medical professionals at 5:00 PM for their fight against the Coronavirus. As in the past, the response to PM Modi’s call was positive as the whole nation, seen via TV News channel reports, bore deserted look as hardly any were seen outside their houses or homes. This, done with a view to fight against Coronavirus why helping in stopping it from spreading any further. And as the clock struck 5:00 in the evening, millions across the country came out on their balconies to applaud, support and thank those fighting against the virus.

Indeed, a noble act on the part of the government to help prevent the virus from spreading any further. Considering that thousands have died across the globe and that the case in India has hit over 300 with 5 (five) deaths reported so far, it was indeed vital that the government came up with a means to prevent the disease from spreading any further. And yes, the Janata Curfew, wherein all citizens across the country stayed indoor for 14 hours, from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM was a welcome move with a huge responds.

However, there is more that the government and the public can do better to help fight the disease. Perhaps, there is a need to set up more testing and quarantine centres, be it at the centre or the state. One must realised that the 300 cases in India is just the tip of an iceberg and once it bursts, it will perhaps be too late for the government to act. Yes, measures are being taken but is the government ready financial to support when the virus bursts out? And where are all the billionaires in India? In Italy, 17 billionaires have come forward to help fight the virus and though India is not in that stage yet, COVID-19 is something that is unpredictable. And it breaks out, it will perhaps be too late.

And as the public, following the guidelines set by medical experts and staying indoors, avoiding public places will be one of best ways to help those fighting against the virus. 

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