Coronavirus Outbreak: Govt moving in right direction

The outbreak of Coronavirus is easily one of the biggest tragedies in recent times with over 500 deaths so far and thousands affected across the globe. It has become so big an issue that the World Health Organisation has declared it a global health emergency, even stating that USD 675 million is required for new coronavirus preparedness and response to global plan. Indeed, the virus, said to have originated from Wuhan in China is slowly but surely spreading throughout the world making the leaders of every country alert and take a stand against the virus in ways to prevent it from entering their country. And it is right that every leader across the world have taken steps to prevent the disease from spreading further.

And while the Indian government has taken steps to check the spread of the virus in the country with two confirmed, the state government under CM Biren has also taken steps to help prevent the virus from entering the state. So far, 172 persons from three countries – China, Thailand and Singapore have been strictly screened at Imphal International Airport, Additional Director (Public Health) Dr. L Arke said. He added that they have been kept under strict surveillance by the state Health Health department to detect if they are suffering from Coronavirus. Moreover, the banned on import of any packaged food items from China, Myanmar and Other South East Asian countries which does not comply the Food Safety And Standards ( Import) Regulations, 2017 is a great step too; all done as a part of the precautionary measures and for safety of the people.

In such situation and with such steps taken, the state government must be appreciated and supported. While the Health Department will take all steps possible, it is also vital for the public to support the move by cooperating and providing all information possible. It is time that the people work together along with the government and help prevent the virus from entering the state. And in such a situation, the government alone will not be able to work it out all; it needs the support of the people and only by working together will the people of Manipur help prevent and control Coronavirus in ways it can.

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