Coronavirus Outbreak: 172 Persons coming from China, Thailand, Singapore kept under strict surveillance

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IMPHAL: Stating that any person coming from three countries – China, Thailand and Singapore have been strictly screened at Imphal International Airport, Additional Director (Public Health) Dr. L Arke said that 172 persons coming from these three countries have been kept under strict surveillance by the state Health Health department to detect if they are suffering from Coronavirus.

Briefing reporters at Health directorate office Lamphel, Additional Director (Public Health) Dr. L Arke said that State Health department began to keep any person coming from three particular countries – China, Thailand and Singapore under strict surveillance following instruction from the Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Government of India. So far, as many as 172 persons coming from such countries have been screened at Imphal Airport and kept at their respective homes under strict surveillance. Details of these persons have been recorded and sent to the ministry. If any person coming from these countries shows the symptoms of fever, coughing, their blood samples will be collected and sent to the Lab. The ministry also instructed the state health department to compulsorily collect blood samples from anybody coming from Wuhan, the epicenter of Coronavirus, after January 15 for lab test whether he/she shows any symptom or not.  The Ministry also instructed to collect blood samples of anybody who were in close contact with Coronavirus infected patients.

In view of the Coronavirus scare, state Health department is also screening persons coming from neighbouring Myanmar. However, the ministry sought for blood samples of the persons coming from the three particular affected countries only, he added.

So far, State Health department has received result of four blood samples out of seven sent for Lab test. The four results have been confirm negative for Coronavirus. Two samples are confirmed for Swine flu. Result of the three remaining samples will also arrive in the state within one or two days.  Given the circumstances, people need not be panic about Coronavirus outbreak in the state.

Stating that State Health officials are working closely with the Central Health ministry to prevent outbreak of the Virus, he said that State Principal Secretary (Health) convenes meeting with the Health officials including heads of RIMS, JNIMS and Medical department from time to time to discuss the strategies as how to fight the outbreak.  State Health officials and Centre are closely monitoring the virus outbreak by holding Video conferencing regularly. Regular reports regarding arrival of passengers coming from foreign countries, their symptoms etc. are sent to Health ministry on daily basis, he added.

State health department is always prepared to fight back the outbreak any time. Isolation wards equipped with ventilator have been kept at RIMS and JNIMS. Blood sample collection will be done here and the same will be sent to NIB Pune, he added

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