CorCom, ULFA boycott R-day, general strike called

TMB Report

IMPHAL, JAN 22: Apart from boycotting the Indian Republic Day Celebration, the Co-Ordination Committee (CorCom), Manipur and United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) have called 18 hour general strike in the whole WeSEA region from midnight of January 25 to 6 PM of January 26.

A joint statement of CorCom and ULFA said that another celebration of India’s Republic day reminds us of our predicament. Indian constitution is becoming a tool for deceiving the people of WeSEA to sacrifice our future and identities for an artificial nation called India.

The ongoing movement against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) should be an eye opener for the people of We SEA, especially the youths. Many questions crop up at these juncture and we need some serious introspection. Why do we oppose CAA? Why are we afraid of outsiders (whether foreigners or mainland Indians) overwhelming us, thereby making us minorities in our own land. If we are Indians why are we afraid of becoming pure Indians like Indians? The answer is simple; we still want to preserve our identities and becoming pure Hindustanis results in the annihilation of our existence as distinct peoples, it said.

We can save ourselves from extinction only by regaining our sovereignty. The constitution of India which is just 70 years old cannot obliterate the history and the political cultures of thousands years old nations of Manipur (Kangleipak) and Assam.

It appealed the people to boycott the Indian Republic day 2020 with complete success and to stay at home supporting a total shut down. This restriction is not applicable to emergency service and these should by functioning normally during these hours, it added.

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