CorCom extends May Day Greetings

TMB Report

IMPHAL: On the auspicious occasion of May Day, the proscribed Coordination Committee (Corcom), a conglomerate of revolutionary groups operating in Manipur, paid its highest revolutionary tribute to working class people of the world.

Extending greeting to the people, CorCom recalled that workers in various parts of the world were exploited and forced to work for 10 to 16 hours a day. Karl Marx and his friend Engels were the first who, in their Communist Manifesto published in 1848, raised a strong voice for unity of the working class people. Following the decision of the American National Labour Union, all working class people in 1886 resolved that working hour of the workers should be only eight hours a day. Although Chicago was the epicenter of the workers’ movement, the movement gained momentum in many parts of America, leading to scuffle between the police and workers. Police baton charged and arrested several workers and 6 workers died in a bomb blast. After trial, the arrested workers were hanged to death on 11th November, 1887.  In honour of the martyred workers who fought for their rights, the Communist International in its second meeting in 1889 resolved to observe May 1 as international workers’ day. 

Even as the workers of the world have seen changes due to the struggle of the working class people to bring an egalitarian society, the ill-fated working class people in Kangleipak are reeling under deplorable condition and exploitation, with the rulers gagging their mouth and being unmindful to their grievances. The protracted exploitation by the pseudo-leaders of India from time to time have left the working class people of the state in misery and backwardness, contended publicity committee of the Conglomerate revolutionary group. 

Due to the exploitation of the workers and farmers by India which claims to be the biggest democratic country in the world, the country has seen several suicide cases of the farmers who are deprived of their rights. The unscrupulous rulers and capitalists are leading a luxurious life while the poor workers and the people are facing price hike in essential commodities, corruption, unemployment, privatization of public sectors. One lakh population have been left homeless to make one man a billionaire in India.

Although the salaries of the Government employees have been inflated under 7th pay commission, workers in the state, who have been suffering long are reeling under exploitation with the rulers failing to initiate any special schemes/programmes. Government has no intention to set up new industries in the state. Instead of setting up new industries, Government is recruiting security personals to protect the corrupted, unscrupulous rulers and capitalists for 24 hours from the hands of the exploited people.

On this auspicious day which shows the ray of hope for the exploited workers to raise their voice for freedom from slavery, no one will come to wipe off the tears of the ill-fated workers of Kangleipak who can’t make their both ends meet. As such, the exploited farmers and workers should prepare for a collective fight against the ever increasing trend of exploitation meted out to the people of Manipur by the Neo-liberal economic policy of India in disguise, it added. 

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