Copy of SC verdict handed over to Speaker’s Tribunal

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Copy of the SC verdict regarding the disqualification case of minister Th Shyamkumar has been handed over to the Tribunal of Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker on Saturday.

Senior Advocate of Supreme court SG Hasnain along with petitioner MLA K Meghachandra and some other Congress members visited to the Manipur Legislative Assembly and handed over the copy of the judgment order to Speaker’s tribunal at about 1.20 PM today.

Advocate SG Hasnain told reporters that the apex court on January 21 passed an order directing the Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly to decide on disqualification of the minister Th Shyamkumar, who defected from Congress party within four weeks. If the Speaker fails to act according to the directive of the apex court within the stipulated time, the petitioners can again approach the court and then it will take up the appropriate action.

Apart from the case of minister Shyamkumar, the apex court will also take up due proceedings against those remaining 7 Congress MLAs who defected to BJP. The historic SC verdict is not for Manipur only but a nationwide verdict against those violating the 10th schedule of the constitution, he said while exuding confidence that the Court will definitely delivers justice by disqualifying the defected MLAs

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