Contact with migratory birds may spread bird flu: RFO Munal

Contact with migratory birds may spread bird flu: RFO Munal

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Thoubal: Catching and killing of migratory birds using bird nets or other means may lead to the spread of Bird Flu Virus H5N1 to the human beings, warned Naorem Munal Meitei, Range Forest Officer Kakching on Thursday.

Munal made the above statements while talking to media persons in his office at Kakching Lamkhai in connection with the seizure of bird nets from different wetlands located within the Kakching District.

Munal further informed that a joint team of Forest Staffs comprising of Kakching Range, Pallel, Waikhong, Wangoo Lamkhai and Panjao had conducted a special drive at 6 wetlands which were located within the Kakching District on Thursday early morning and could seize 5 bird nets which were  kept by miscreants. This was a great achievement of the forest staff, the team also could seize 8 bird nets last Sunday, he  added. 

Munal told the journalists that if we, the human beings, kill and eat meat of migratory birds, we may get harmful impacts of Bird Flu Virus H5N1 in addition to COVID-19 pandemic  which we are presently  combating like a third World War.

Giving reasons Munal clarified that some of the migratory birds have carried Bird Flu Virus H5N1 as a host. Killing and eating meat of such virus carrying migratory birds may lead to the consumption of this deadly disease to human beings. Even touching the body of such a bird may spread infection, Munal continued.  

Munal informed that the Thursday drive was carried out before dawn at the important wetlands of Kakching District like Khoidumpat, Pumlenpat, Moirangkompat, Khongyampat, Chairelpat and Langmeidongpat. The  forest team couldn’t find bird nets in most of the wetlands. But, the 5 bird nets had been seized from Chairelpat Nongyaikhong stretch. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t arrest those miscreants. 

Munal stated that birds are our real friends as other wildlife animals and birds do. They eat those insects which acted as enemies to human beings and thus extend a great help in maintaining our ecological balance too. Human beings may become extinct if we continue killing birds mercilessly. We shouldn’t kill birds at any cost and let us all join hands to protect wildlife animals and birds, Munal appealed. 

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