‘Construct Tribal Freedom Fighters’ Museum in native place of Rani Maa Gaidinliu’

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Zeliangrong Civil Organisations comprising of Zeliangrong Baudi, Zeliangrong

Youth Front, Zeliangrong Students Union and Zeliangrong Pui Baudi have called for construction of the proposed Tribal Freedom Fighters’ Museum at Noney district, the native place of Rani Maa Gaidinliu.

Expressing gratitude to the Government of India under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for a proposal to construct Tribal Freedom Fighters’ Museum in Manipur in recognition of the contributions of Rani Maa Gaidinliu and other women freedom fighters, the ZCOs stated that no project worth a name has been launched or established in her native district of Manipur.

It is given to understand that this proposed Tribal Freedom Fighters’ Museum in Manipur will showcase the contributions of Rani Maa Gaidinliu prominently. It is also learnt that the contributions of other tribal women freedom fighters may also be included in this Museum, the ZCOs stated. However, it is a well known fact that there is no other prominent tribal women freedom fighter in Manipur other than Rani Maa Gaidinliu. Therefore, it would be most appropriate to construct the museum in her native district, they stated.

The ZCOs also pointed out and lamented that some important projects taken up in memory of the veteran Freedom Fighter failed to complete and abandoned like the one in Kohima (i.e. Rani Museum cum Library), Nagaland due to objection raised by some ill-motivated sections of people based on religion and indigenous issue.

While having seen such unfortunate facts and situations cited above, it is quite surprising to learn that the proposed Tribal Freedom Fighters’ Museum which was earlier proposed to be set up near the native village of Rani Maa Gaidinliu is being planned to be shifted to other location i.e. Makhel, Senapati District of Manipur due to some political pressure. If the original site proposed earlier is not feasible because of any reason, the proposed Museum may kindly be set up at Noney District Headquarters of Manipur which is just 64 km away from Imphal capital city, the ZCOs proposed. This Noney District is of one the Zeliangrong native districts to which Rani Maa Gaidinliu belong, they added.

The organisation also stated that the present site proposed by the State Government at Makhel near Tadubi in Senapati District of Manipur is 120 KMs (approximately) away from Imphal with the exact location of the site (Makhel) is 6 km away from National Highway No. 39 and all the facilities and infrastructures as required by National Level Committee (NLC) are not available there. We have serious doubts that, if the proposed Museum is constructed in Senapati District and not in Zeliangrong inhabited area, similar fate may befallen as that of Kohima Museum, they stated.

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