Congress urges Governor to stop BJP from misusing the constitutional offices for political gain

Congress urges Governor to stop BJP from misusing the constitutional offices for political gain

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IMPHAL: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has submitted a memorandum to the Governor urging her to prevent BJP from misusing the constitutional offices in the state for their political ends.

The memorandum addressed to the Governor was signed by MPCC president M Okendro, CLP leader Okram Ibobi, and CWC member Gaikhangam.

In the memorandum, the Congress party charged the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party of engaging in horse trading and misuse of constitutional bodies and offices in order to topple democratically elected governments of the opposition Congress Party in several states in the country.

The saffron party has been using all conceivable means; money, intimidation and incentives in order to engineer defection of Congress MLAs with a malicious attempt to install BJP governments in the states by toppling Congress Government. Indeed, BJP was successful in craftily toppling Congress government in Madhya Pradesh in March, 2020 and installed a BJP government in its place, it stated.

It further stated the Congress Patty decided to launch nationwide protests against anti-democratic and anti-constitutional actions perpetuated by the BJP across the country in front of the RajBhavans of the respective State on Monday at 11 AM, demanding “Save Democracy and Save Constitution”. However, the party decided not to stage such protest since the state is under complete lockdown and curfew due to COVID-19. Instead, they conveyed their deep concern about the continuous misuse of constitutional bodies by the BJP across the nation for political ends by disregarding the accepted norms of Constitution.

After Madhya Pradesh, BJP targeted to topple the democratically elected popular government of Congress Party in Rajasthan, which has been fighting the COVID-19 successfully. The Council of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister requested the Governor to summon a session of the State Legislative Assembly. However, the Governor of Rajasthan acted against the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers by requesting the Chief Minister to send a fresh proposal to him. The same was also submitted to the Governor with the request to summon the session of Assembly at the earliest to take up agenda including COVID-19. The Governor is yet to decide on summoning the Assembly session to allow it to transact urgent business. In Manipur too, the Speaker’s Tribunal acted in the most unconstitutional manner by resorting to arbitrary process of disqualifying MLAs under the Tenth Schedule of Constitution to win the Rajya Sabha poll and to save the minority government led by BJP in Manipur, the Congress party stated in the memorandum.

When the BJP led government in Manipur was reduced to a minority on 17th June, 2020, after withdrawal of support by four NPP MLAs and their resignation from the posts of ministers in the government, resignation of three BJP MLAs, withdrawal of support by one MLA each of Trinamool Congress and Independent candidate, Congress Party requested the Governor to summon a session of the State Assembly to consider a “No Confidence Motion” against the government. However, the Governor is yet to take a decision on this, it added.

It urged the Governor, the head of the State, to ensure that the provisions of law enshrined in the Constitution of India is followed in letter and spirit by all concerned.

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