Congress made one of the biggest mistakes in making Paonam Brojen party MLA from Wangjing Tentha: K. Ranjit Singh

Congress made one of the biggest mistakes in making Paonam Brojen party MLA from Wangjing Tentha: K. Ranjit Singh

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Imphal: Former Congress Minister K. Ranjit Singh MLA said that the Indian National Congress Party brought about Paonam Brojen as Congress MLA to serve the people of Wangjing Tentha Assembly Constituency. He said it was the biggest mistake of Congress to make Paonam Brojen as Congress MLA for Wangjing Tentha.

Brojen was entrusted by the voters of Wangjing Tentha to serve the public for a term of five years and his resignation at this crucial period is just beyond ‘lame’, the Congress leader said while further recalling that Brojen had mentioned in his resigning papers that two and half months after being elected as Congress MLA, he started volunteering for BJP activities as he felt if he remained only in the opposition party he might not fulfill the wishes of the public.

Ranjit further questioned what has Brojen done so far. He also charged Brojen for the partial distribution of 10 kg of rice for BJP voters and 5 kg for Congress voters. He wondered if that is the quality of a true leader.

Ranjit was addressing at the Congress Workers Meet held today at Kairembikhok Mayai Leikai Community Hall in Wangjing Tentha Assembly Constituency.

Media Coordination Committee of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee Keisham Meghachandra Singh MLA criticized the present BJP government in Manipur who made many false promises to the people of Manipur. He asked how many educated unemployed youths in Manipur had been given job in this three and half years of BJP government in Manipur which the present Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and Works Minister Th. Biswajit Singh had announced on March 28, 2017 that one and half educated youths would be given employment every year. He asked the present status of Imphal-Jiri National Highway when the BJP Government had announced that the National Highway would be constructed tip-top, even fit for landing aeroplane within 100 days. He reminded that Congress Party once said that the BJP government in Manipur could not complete all the incomplete different development projects initiated by the Congress Party within the five-year term. “It has come true’, he added. He drew the attention of the public to discover what the BJP Government had done contrary to what they had announced. “They made false promises to the public all the time. “We need to wipe-out this false promising government for the betterment of Manipur”, he added.

Surjakumar Okram MLA, said that the Congress MLA Paonam Brojen representing Wangjing Tentha Assembly Constituency joined the ruling BJP just after three months of holding the office with the belief that he would be able to do anything for Wangjing Tentha if he was in ruling party. Then, Surjakumar asked what he has brought new projects or developments for the welfare of the people of Wangjing Tentha since the joining of the ruling party. 

He also asked the BJP government to make it public the detailed statement of the development works taken up under the financial packages announced by the Chief Minister of Manipur, which the public wanted to know it. He appealed to everyone to cast their vote to Congress Candidate M. Hemanta Singh for Wangjing Tentha to teach a lesson to those people who sold their rights and responsibilities shifting from a party to another party in power.

D. Korungthang, MLA of Tengnoupal Assembly Constituency said, “Brojen, who was chosen as a leader for five years, who took the pledge to serve the people diligently, has now back out from his responsibilities. While people are suffering from such vicious dilemma, students cannot go to school and people still cannot step outside their house to earn their living, they are forced to face this kind of election”. He asked Brojen why he wants to hold two elections in one term.

He further questioned the Chief Minister of Manipur, N. Biren that even after knowing that under 10th Schedule, bouncing out from one party to another is strictly prohibited, why he is creating this kind of problem.

Mr. Korungthang stated he once asked in the Assembly if ‘Go to Hills’ has become a lip-service. If going to the hills to have a look-around is what they meant by ‘Go to Hills’.

Further in his speech, he said, “There was never a dispute between the hills and the valleys. But the BJP government is frequently saying peace has finally arrived among the hill and valley people. How can peace arrive when there was peace from the very beginning? We never fought. We always love each other.”

Lastly he appealed to all the people of Wangjing to shower their blessings and cast their valuable vote to Congress Candidate Moirangthem Hemanta to be polled on 7th November.

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