Congress hits out at NPP, says the 4 MLAs responsible for political chaos in the state amidst the pandemic

Congress hits out at NPP, says the 4 MLAs responsible for political chaos in the state amidst the pandemic

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IMPHAL: The Congress on Friday hit out at the four MLAs of the National People’s Party (NPP) for creating the political chaos in the state amidst the pandemic while clarifying that the Congress never incited to create the crisis in the state.

Addressing the reporters, Congress MLA Kh Joykishan said that the party also acknowledged that the political crisis is unacceptable at a time when the people are facing a tough time amidst COVID battle.

Congress is not responsible for the crisis, the MLA said adding that the Congress never incited to create the political crisis but it was created by the 4 MLAs of NPP and some MLAs in BJP who want to replace the Chief Minister. Having lost in the effort to replace their leader (CM), there were incidences of some MLAs of BJP who came to the residences of some Congress MLAs and sought support to the campaign to replace the incumbent Chief Minister, Joykishan said.

The Thangmeiband legislator recounted that due to the internal crisis in the present government between the BJP and NPP, the legislatures from the latter made parleys on several occasions to the Congress to form an alternate coalition government (SPF) which was to be led by the Congress party. It was the four NPP MLAs who were often knocking the door of Congress party and implored the leadership of his party to help pull down the present government on the promise of their withdrawal from supporting the BJP led government. The Congress party being the opposition had just done its responsibility of garnering adequate numbers of MLAs for continuation of governance in the state by forming the SPF to save the constitutional crisis, he clarified.

As NPP felt that the party would not be able to rise again in the next election if it continues to join hand with BJP, the party expressed their desire to join hand with Congress. Congress was prompted to join hand with NPP considering that resignation of 4 NPP Ministers would lead to invite constitutional crisis.

NPP made a U-turn for their political advantage but not for serving the people with a political principle. People do no longer trust the MLAs due to such legislators with no political principles, integrity and firm determination, he said.

Although the NPP MLAs left the fellow MLAs into the frying Pan, they should not betray the people else they will face the music, cautioned the Congress MLA. 

Congress has been taking the role of an effective opposition in the state. Some months back, two BJP MLAs came to the house of some Congress MLAs and incited to join the campaign for replacing the Chief Minister. After the Assembly session this year, the state saw controversy between the NPP and BJP. However, Congress did not attempt to take advantage of the scene considering it as an internal crisis within the Government. Latter, NPP MLAs repeatedly incited the Congress to topple the Government. In that, Congress denied the suggestion, considering the eventualities the NPP MLAs may face as NPP is a partner of NEDA. However, the NPP MLAs in the state informed that their national leadership had permitted to join  hands with Congress. As running a minority Government is not acceptable, Congress along with NPP and others formed the SPF. A Week later, the NPP MLAs have changed their decision, which is quite unbecoming of a committed politician, he added.

The SPF was formed to save a constitutional crisis after the uproar in the ruling BJP-led coalition government in the state and Congress party has now gained the moral high ground, the Congress leader said.

The statement comes in the aftermath of the flippant behavior shown by the NPP who has since returned to the BJP fold, just days after flirting with the Congress party to scheme to pull down the government led by the saffron party.

During numerous interactions with leaders of Congress legislature party NPP legislators and ministers L. Jayentakumar and Y. Joykumar regarding the political development, expressed, the duo had conveyed their solid decisions for withdrawing their support to BJP party. L. Jayanta had furiously posted on social media saying that NPP’s stand is final and clear; there is no room for negotiation, surrender, or retreat, Kh Joykishan mentioned.

MLA Joykishan spoke in disappointment that the NPP MLAs make an unexpected and unfair decision to repose faith to the BJP government again, even though not even a week had passed since they criticized the Chief Minister N Biren and BJP legislatures. It has clearly proven to the people that the NPP leaders are unfit to serve the people with their immature, cheap and dishonorable political practices, in a situation when the people are facing hardships due to COVID-19 spread, he stated.

As many people of his constituency as well as people of Manipur would be longing to know the real fact, Joykishan clarified that the issues between NPP and BJP which recently concluded with the dishonest patching up, ever taken the ultimate step of withdrawal of their support to the present government are all well known to the people. He told that the great responsibility taken by congress party during those unsettled political moments between the coalition NPP and BJP legislature parties will only result in morality gain for the party, and people will now begin to understand and realize that Congress party has always been with the people of the state in any issue as being the prominent opposition party, Joykishan added.

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