<strong>Cong hits out at BJP on COVID, says mere public awareness without due health care won’t bear fruit </strong>

Cong hits out at BJP on COVID, says mere public awareness without due health care won’t bear fruit

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IMPHAL: Taking a jibe at the current Government’s strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the state, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) said that mere spreading public awareness in such critical hour rather than providing due health care services/facilities by the concerned health department will bear no fruit.

MPCC vice president Moirangthem Okendro while addressing reporters at Congress Bhavan questioned the government as to why it is unable to recruit 300 Medical doctors and 106 Nurses as approved by state cabinet last year.

Stating that the state is facing a horrible situation in medical care service in which a trust deficit loomed large among the doctors and patients, he said patients are afraid of visiting to hospitals for medical treatment. At the same time, doctors are also hesitated to provide treatment to the patients in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. If the Health department takes up alternative arrangement, suffering of the people can be minimized to some extent, he observed.

He questioned as to why the Health minister is not appointed till date to monitor the situation at a time when the state is facing ‘Life and death’ situation.

Stating that aggrieved people will be benefitted if the Meeyamgi Numit and Go to village mission of the government are continued by maintaining proper SOP, Hemanta said

As fire service is needed during disaster, continuance of such mission in such critical hour will help address the grievances of the people. It is unjustified to ignore the voice of the people.

He observed that people will be benefitted a lot if regular health check ups, health protection missions are conducted in such hard pressed times.

Stating that Print and electronic media are doing best job in providing awareness on the SOP prescrived by the Ministry of health and family welfare such as wearing face masks, maintaining social distance and regular hand washing with soap etc, he questioned the initiatives of the government about the health care of the COVID patients and the precautions to be taken up after recovery.

Citing that the number of patients visiting to RIMS and JNIMS have utterly decline as that of the past, he said that the daily number of patients visiting to the said two premier hospitals have now declined to 100 from 1000 per day, implying that several patients are hiding their health problems. This will have grave repercussions to health care system in future, he said.

He said that that government constituted Consultative Committee on covid-19 seemed to be lying defunct.

What the Congress party is saying is for larger interest of the people but does not intend to target the present BJP regime. Government is supposed to act to the tune of public aspirations, he said adding that the BJP government should avoid the habit of considering whatever statement Congress makes in the negative sense.

MPCC secretary WL Hangsing urged the government to stop publicity in media instead of execution of work to control the pandemic. He said imposing night curfew will be fruitless in fighting the disease.

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