Community service, Extension and Awareness program held

Community service, Extension and Awareness program held

TMB Report

IMPHAL: A two-day Community service, Extension and Awareness program organised by the committee of the Annual Community Contact Programme 2020 on different locations was held for the day one at Lamlong Higher Secondary on Saturday.

Asst. Prof. Dr. T. Surendra of DM College of Teacher Education and also the program in-charge of

ACCP 2020 expressed his gratitude to all the authority, staffs and students of the school for extending their concern and understanding the credibility of conducting such kind of program that benefits in relationship between teachers and students. He said that the program will hold and concludes on the 1st march at Dewlahland Orphan Children Home.

Speaking to the press, he further stated that it is such an essential and fruitful program for all the trainees and internship of DM Teacher Education and also for the students participated in contact during the programme. There are 400 trainees altogether to work out at 12 governmental schools notified by the department. And as an extension the program will soon launch in private schools and institutions too.

As part of supporting the participants of the program items like Books, Mug, Bucket, Dustbin, Syntax and also playing materials like Carom boards, Footballs were also distributed to the school authority.

In addition, social services program like cleaning the premises of the school with breakfast provided to all the participated students were also conducted as part of the program.

Prof. T. Surendra further stated that the program is being conducted by the absolute funding of Trainees’ Union of D.M. College of Teacher Education. He concluded that Trainees and students of DM Teacher Education College were also given opportunities of an internship program of 1 month and 4 months during 2nd and 4th semester, respectively during their full course.

And the program will help in acquiring enriched knowledge of guiding and dealing students with positive outcome and performances, thus shaping the education system into resourceful and productivity for future generation in the state.

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