COCOMI sounds alert on Indo-Naga peace talk

COCOMI sounds alert on Indo-Naga peace talk

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Coordination Committee on Manipur Integrity has underlined the need and urgency for the people to face any eventualities if the purported ‘finalized’ draft Naga Peace Accord infringes state’s interest.

That the failure on the part of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to communicate any word to the state till date, despite the reports of different national media claiming that ‘the final Draft Agreement of Naga Accord finalized ten days ago’, is not a positive signal. COCOMI takes it a complete betrayal and a reflection of tyrannical rule of India, COCOMI said in a statement.

It recounted that the committee had on September 22 submitted a memorandum to the Union Home Minister, Manipur Governor and Chief Minister, urging to honour the agreement arrived between the Committee and the Union Home Minister in November 2019. Despite this fact, the Government has maintained stoic silence without sharing any word regarding the details of the Naga Accord. The state is likely to land in jeopardy in coming days, COCOMI predicted cautioning the people to remain alert to face any eventuality for protection of integrity and unity of the state.

According to a media report, provisions for creating separate Naga Autonomous Council and sending one Naga MP to Parliament have been reflected in the final agreement which people of Manipur has been denying for long. There is no separate land for Naga, Meetei, Kuki or Meetei Pangal. Hence, people will never accept any Communal based Administrative arrangement/policy. The Government of India should not attempt to divide the state to appease an armed group.

It also blamed the state Government for maintaining a stoic silence in such crucial times.

No one will protect the state except the people. As such, people should prepare to fight if GOI disintegrates the state to appease the Naga armed group, it added

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