COCOMI lauds UNC for Lui-Ngai Ni invitation, says Nagas are ‘Brothers’, not ‘Neighbours’

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Coordination Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) has lauded the organizer and the United Naga Council for having invited the COCOMI to attend this year’s Lui-Ngai-Ni festival.

COCOMI in a statement said, “We are privileged to have participated in the Celebration of the Lui Ngai Ni festival held in Urkhul on Febrary 15, 2020, with a view to preserve and strengthen traditional culture. The COCOMI thanks the Organiser, the United Naga Council, for having invited us to the vibrant celebration of the diverse traditional culture of our Naga brethren in the hill areas of Manipur”.

COCOMI is also confident that the project of preserving and strengthening the diverse traditional culture of the Naga brethren would march forward successfully under the able-leadership of the United Naga Council.

“The COCOMI further takes this opportunities to reassure the leadership as well as the rank & files of the United Naga Council that we have at all times nurtured and nourished the Idea that the diverse ethnic and culture formations inhabiting the historical state called Manipur since times immemorial, including the Naga brethren, inseparably make up the mosaic called Manipur,” the committee stated in the press release.

We in the COCOMI regard the Nagas as also other tribes of Manipur as our brothers and never as “neighbors”. We believe that the word “neighbour” is appropriate only when applied to relationships between and amongst people and entities inhabiting contiguous states and not to communities living within the same state, the statement added.

COCOMI said that it would spare no efforts in building a new Manipur in the age old spirit of brotherhood & equity.

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