CM help sought in pushing official language status of Manipuri in Assam

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IMPHAL: The Union of Association of Manipur Writers (UAMW) on Tuesday has submitted a letter to the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh soliciting his proactive participation in the quest for the inclusion of Manipuri language as an associate official language of Assam under the Constitution of India, Article no. 347.

The UAMW in a letter signed by its secretary Rakesh Naorem stated that in the wake of a pledge among the Manipuri youths, educationist and intellectuals, and their progeny who have become the citizens of Assam since the 15th century, to request that Manipuri language be included as an associate official language of Assam, the rationality behind the dedicated effort to convince the Assam government is placed before chief minister N Biren for favourable actions.

The letter further stated that many members of the union, an apex body of twenty eight associations of writers, poets, fiction writers and literary critics in Manipur, had already sent their individual supports to the endeavour of the Manipuri Youths’ Front Assam in the latter’s entreatment to the authorities for inclusion of the Manipuri language as an associate official language of Assam under the Constitution of India, Article no. 347.

The Constitution (Seventy first Amendment) Act, 1992, was introduced by Shankarro Chavan, the then Minister of Home Affairs, and sought to include Konkani, Meitei (Manipuri) and Nepali language in the Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution. The Bill was debated by the Lok Sabha on August 20, 1992 and, as amended, passed on the same day. The Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha on the same day. The bill received assent from the President Shanker Dayal Sharma on August 31,1992, and came into force on the same date. It was notified in the Gazette of India on September 1, 1992.

The union further remarked that it is a language of India recognized by the Sahitya Akademi way back in the year 1972, and due awards given thereof every year. It was said that next to Manipur, it is Assam itself, which has the largest section of population which speaks Manipuri as their mother tongue.

There are many more matters in consideration of the fate of the so many Manipuris in Assam in this regard and one of the most important one for now is that the Manipuri language is elevated to the same status as Bengali and Bodo languages in Assam, the press release continued. Citing the reasons, the union stated that the letter is a means of imploration to the chief minister for his kind consideration and favourable action.

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