CM Biren Inaugurates First Ever World Meetei Convention 2020 in Cachar

CM Biren Inaugurates First Ever World Meetei Convention 2020 in Cachar

Outside Manipuris will be relaxed from ILP regime: CM

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IMPHAL: Chief Minister N. Biren on Wednesday said that the Manipuris scattering in different parts of the country will be provided with some relaxation from the purview of the Inner Line Permit System while entering Manipur.

Chief Minister N. Biren made the stated while inaugurating the first ever World Meetei Convention 2020 at Lamargram village in Cachar District, Assam on Wednesday where hundreds of delegates from all over the world attended.

Speaking to the gathering, Chief Minister said that he had already instructed Jiribam DC and SP to give some relaxation to the Manipuris in Assam entering Manipur. It is very emotional that several Meeteis migrated to many places in South East Asian countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh and Indian states of Assam and Tripura in the past due to various reasons, he said.

Stating that Meetei society is one of the most civilized nations in the world, Chief Minister said that the tiny Meetei society has its own unique qualities by which it has been able to maintain a history of over 2000 years. Unlike other communities, Meeteis have our own script, language, unique identity, rich culture and tradition and religion, which is a pride for the community, he added.

Acknowledging the rich cultural heritage and the necessity to protect the Manipuris, the Centre recently enacted Inner Line Permit System (ILPS) in Manipur in a miraculous manner for protecting the indigenous people. Prolonged delay in enactment of ILP in the state was due to the failure of the previous government to convince the centre, Biren said. If the clause 6 of the Assam Accord had been implemented, indigenous people in Assam like Bodos, Ahom would not have apprehended about the possible extinction of the indigenous people. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, the Centre is actively considering to implement the Clause 6 of the Assam Accord which will finally protect the indigenous people of Assam, the CM added.

 Appreciating the Manipuri diasporas in Assam for preserving and protecting the old aged Manipuri culture and tradition, Chief Minister assured that he would address the problems and grievances faced by Manipuri diasporas to the Assam Government. Considering the significant population of Manipuri diasporas in Assam, Chief Minister said that he had already spoken to his counterpart Sarbananda Sonowal for the inclusion of Manipuri language to the list of subjects in the examinations conducted by Assam Public Service Commission (APSC).

He said that Manipur and Assam have been maintaining a close relation for years. The King of Manipur and Ahom King maintained a good relation in history. People of Manipur too are mentally unrest and concerned for the Manipuris in Assam whenever any issues arise in the neigbhouring state. Chief minister appealed to build up the spirit of unity of Meetei by avoiding sense of factionalism.

Maintaining that the Government of Manipur will extend every possible help to all Manipuri Diasporas, N. Biren stated that the Government of Manipur is keen to develop those historical places in Assam which has special relationship with Manipuris. He promised that a Manipuri Guest House would be constructed at Cachar soon. A similar Guest house will also be constructed at Imphal to facilitate the Manipuri diasporas during their stay in Manipur, he added.

Chief minister said Imphal will be connected by railwayline by 2021 and better communication among the Manipuris will be improved.

The convention, which aims to bring all round development of Meetei community and promote unity and integrity among them, is jointly organised by Pan Meetei Convention and Assam Manipuri Progressive Front. Manipuri literary meet, cultural meet, entertainment meet and interaction programmes will be part of the convention.

Deputy Speaker K. Robindro, MLAs K. Meghachandra,  L. Sushindro, L. Rameshwor Meetei, Manipur Food Industries Corporation  Ltd. Vice Chairman K. Sarat, former Union Minister SK  Purkayasthya, DC and SP of Cachar district were also present at the occasion among others.

MLA L. Rameshwor Meetei said that Meeteis will be globally recognized when the community upholds its own tradition, cultural heritage, language etc.

Stating that Manipur is known as power house of sports in the country due to its sporting talent, the MLA, however, lamented that Meeteis in Assam are lagging behind the development in sports.

The MLA also appealed to the Meetei women in Assam to avoid applying Sindhur on their forehead citing it is not a part of Meetei culture, following Sanamahism.

Follow any religion, be it Hindu or anything. But using Sindhur by Meetei women is unacceptable. Live like a Meetei, he said.

The MLA said that Manipur government will extend support for construction of a Sanamahi temple or cultural park in Cachar.

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