CLK takes strong exception to use of ‘Kanglasha’ in Phanek

CLK takes strong exception to use of ‘Kanglasha’ in Phanek

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IMPHAL: Taking strong exception to the use of historic emblem of Manipur ‘Kanglasha” as a motif in phanek,  Chanura Lamchinglen Kangleipak (CLK) has urged the artisans concerned to immediately stop using it.

In a release, CLK president Ch Pakpi stated that it is clearly indicated in the Puya that Kangleipak has an indispensable relation with the Kanglasha, the state emblem. People of the state have been revering it since ages. Kanglasha is found embedded on the memorial stone once erected in Kohima by late Maharaja Gambhir Singh.

National flag and emblem is the identity of a nation and there are Do’s and Dont’s with regard to the use of National flag and emblem. We should not deny the fact that we all are responsible for the decline in Manipuri society and as such it is the right time for us to rectify our misdeeds, it said.

With the swift change of styles and design in dress, the state has witnessed several individuals wearing different attires in a manner which tantamount to maligning the sanctity of Kangleipak’s culture and history. As a son of the soil, we should never ignore our identity and origin. Kanglasha is a historic state emblem gifted by our forefathers which will remain indispensable to the state for years, it added.

It also termed the use of Leirum phee as a fashion item in different events other than cultural purposes as very unfortunate. Outsiders have started claiming ownership of such traditional handloom product. It demanded the authority to protect such handloom product under intellectual property rights and other relevant laws.

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