Clarifications over PM’s statement compounds confusion: CPI

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The government had convened an all party meeting belatedly on June 19, to brief the opposition parties about the sequence of developments leading to the conflict at Indo-China LAC. PM Modi while addressing the meeting said unambiguously that there was “no intrusion, no occupation and no capture of our posts”.

Then, why the conflict? Why the martyrdom of our brave soldiers?, the CPI, Manipur State unit has questioned.

Apart from issues related to the current build up and it’s chronology, the pointed question concerns the precise location of the face off at the LAC, Kshetrimayum Santa, Secretary, CPI, (M) Manipur State Committee said in a press release.

The PM’s remarks came as a major setback to the legitimacy of the act of heroism of our brave soldiers. Further, this undermines the strength of our diplomatic efforts to resolve the dispute, Santa stated.

Given the widespread shock over PM’ s statement, the government has now issued lengthy clarifications, one from the PMO issued through the PIB and the other through the spokesman of the MEA. These clarifications, with their own share of self contradictions, have not only failed to clear the air but have only added to the confusion. To attribute the questions arising from the PM’s observations which contradicts the positions of MoD and MEA to ‘mischievous interpretation’ is, to say the least, unfair, Santa asserted.

The PB of the CPI (M), therefore, seeks a categorical response to the query about the precise location of the clash and the circumstances that led to it, which should help in clearing the air and create conditions for pursuing our officially stated objective of de-escalation and restoration of peace and tranquility across the LAC in Ladakh, the party stated.

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