CIRCA to commemorate 74th Manipur Independence Day

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Coalition for Indigenes’ Rights Campaign Manipur (CIRCA) has made all preparation to celebrate the 74th Independence Day of Manipur on coming August 14, the day Manipur had attained independence from the British rule.

As a part of its series of campaigns to imbibe the significant historic events of Manipur in the minds of the young generation, CIRCA will be hoisting the Pakhangba flag embedded with “Malem puba pafal”, M Angamba Convener CIRCA said in a statement.

The organisation in collaboration with Royal Council Sana Konung have been observing the Independence Day of Manipur on August 14 each year since 2015 with titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba hoisting the Pakhangba at Sana Konung in order to convey a message of the historic day to the people. During the series of commemorative event of Manipur Independence day held on every August 14, Leishemba Sanajaoba stated that the people of Manipur should never accept the incident in which Maharaja Bodhachandra was forced to sign Treaty of Accession/Merger Agreement by the Dominion of India at Shillong on 21st September 1949. With a firm determination, CIRCA has been observing the historic day at Sana Konung for long.

However, this year, CIRCA has decided not to observe the day at Sana Konung with Leishemba Sanajaoba having chosen to become a member of Rajya Sabha as an MP defying the public voice to continue serving as the customary head of the people settled in both hills and valley and not to contest the Rajya Sabha MP election, the statement said.

On the other hand, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, CIRCA stated that it has resolved to commemorate the day in a solemn manner by unfurling the Manipur National Flag. It also appealed to the people to commemorate the day by hoisting flags at their respective localities maintaining Covid-19 safety protocols.

Elaborating on why the Independence Day of Manipur is commemorated every year, CIRCA said that Manipur was reeling under the brunt of British colonial rule for over 50 years after it lost the Anglo-Manipur War 1891. On August 14, 1947, British gave Independence to Manipur. On the same day, the then Manipuri King Maharaja Bodhachandra hoisted the Manipur National flag embedded with ‘Pakhangba Paphal’ signifying the independent sovereign nation of Manipur. Framing of the Manipur State Constitution Act 1947, and setting up of a democratic Government of the elected representatives under its own constitution were the greatest significance of the newly independent Manipur during the short period of 1947-1949. Unfortunately, Maharaja Bodhachandra, who was the constitutional head, was summoned to Shillong where he was forced to sign the Treaty of Accession/Merger Agreement on 21st Sept, 1949, by the Dominion of India using the might of its strong military power. Having been annexed by India, Manipur lost its sovereign political status, and home rule since then. The indigenous nation has been engulfed with multiplicity of issues a fall out of the sudden change in political status, the statement said. It also remarked that the organization has been demanding restoration of pre-merger political status to Manipur.

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