Churachandpur prepares to welcome returning stranded persons

TMB Report

CCPUR: The District’s Administration of Churachandpur has made an elaborate preparation at Peace Ground, Tuibong on Wednesday to welcome the individuals returning from outside states to the district after being stranded in various locations.

A counter will be set up for each Assembly Constituency based on which the returnees will then be allocated their respective quarantine centers after the assessment by their SDOs concerned.

Assistant Commissioner to  Deputy Commissioner of  Churachandpur Khaikhopau Ngaihte said  that no  parents should come at the transit centre at Peace Ground to meet their children/wards  but they will be notified when  they reach their respective quarantine centers where they can deliver the needed materials to theirs loves one.

The AC to DC mentioned that they are expecting 247 returnees via Jiribam train station apart from those coming from Meghalaya and other place in the next 24 hours saying that all belongings brought by those arriving in the state will also be taken with them during the mandatory 14 days stay at institutional quarantine centers. He further stated that another 14 days of home quarantine must be effected by the concerned family in addition to the institutional quarantine.

Ngaihte also said that all new arrivals have to go by the rules and will be made to sign a self declaration that they will abide by the rules while staying at the quarantine center and they will be liable for prosecution as per the law unless they do so.

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