Christian Missionaries, Evangelists embark on tree plantation, prayer

Christian Missionaries, Evangelists embark on tree plantation, prayer

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KANGPOKPI: The Christian missionaries, evangelists of Kuki Baptist Convention and the Convention Mission Board under the aegis of Mission and Evangelism, KBC India embarked on tree plantation and whole night prayer.

The missionaries and evangelists of KBC from various places including members of KBC Mission Board planted around 1,000 tree saplings at Elijah Prayer Mountain, Gothol village in Churachandpur District today. Apart from the tree plantation, the missionaries and evangelists are also having a whole night prayer in the evening.

Dr. D.D. Haokip, IFS, Addl. PCCF donated 150 Bamboo saplings while Esther Kom, IFS, DFO/Churachandpur and Chinpilhing Kipgen, MFS, DFO/Kangpokpi also donated 200 and 600 other tree saplings respectively for the one day tree plantation drive initiated by the Mission and Evangelism, KBC India.

Speaking on the sideline of the event, Rev. Lamkeng Lhouvum, Secretary, Mission and Evangelism, KBC said expressed sincere gratitude to Dr. D.D. Haokip, Esther Kom and Chinpilhing Kipgen for donating the saplings and to all missionaries and evangelists including members of Mission Board for their enthusiastic participation in the event.

Rev. Lamkeng Lhouvum said that God is the creator and owner of the Earth and Christians have been directed by many scriptures to care for the natural creation as God’s stewards while adding that it was an aimed in promoting environmental sustainability which happens to be one of the main concerned of the world.

He also said that we are tenants here on Earth, called to care for the creation on behalf of future generations and all species as the Bible calls us to ‘till and keep the garden’ and names human beings as the trustees of creation while adding that God created all the Earth and all of us and we are called by our devotion to God and our love for God’s works to protect it.

The Reverend further said that trees are an important part of our quality of life – environmentally, culturally and economically and our help and the communities that will be involved will leave a legacy of trees, an appreciation of the value of green-cover, and strong community partnerships for future generations.

While urging the Christian community particularly the Christian youth to be more conscious of the environment which he said was a common home for all, Rev. Lamkeng Lhouvum said that the earth is a mother to us and every child worth the name takes care of his or her mother in appreciation of the care he or she has received from the mother.

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