Chassad Bn distributed solar lamps to Kamjong QC

Chassad Bn distributed solar lamps to Kamjong QC

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Continuing with its philanthropic activities the Chassad Batallion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) distributed solar lamps to Kamjong Quarantine Centre on Saturday.

Post lifting of the travel restrictions of COVID-19 lockdown, a significant number of people from Manipur residing across the country returned home. For residents of Kamjong District, Kamjong Quarantine Centre had to be set up in a restricted time frame leading to the isolation facility lacking basic amenities like electricity and water supply. Since past two to three months the returnees who are being quarantined were facing lot of hardships due to power cuts. Looking at improving their living conditions, the Civil Administration approached Assam Rifles for a better solution. To alleviate the hardships of the villagers in Kamjong Quarantine Centre, Chassad Batallion distributed 50 Solar Lamps to Kamjong Quarantine Centre, IGAR(S) informed in a press release.

The event was org at Chassad Police Station in the presence of Mr Ningam Siro, SP Kamjong, Dr Panyo CMO, CHC Kamjong, Dr Rangla James, CMO Kamjong, Mr Prem Kasar President Kamjong District COVID-19 Forum and other members of the org. All the members of the Civil Administration expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the sincere efforts undertaken by Assam Rifles for lighting up the facility as well as hopes which had been in dark since long, the IGAR(S) said.

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