Charangpat locals at daggers drawn over firing by Pradhan

Charangpat locals at daggers drawn over firing by Pradhan

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IMPHAL:  Locals of Charangpat have been virtually split into halves who are at daggers drawn over the controversy of the Pradhan of Charangpat Gram Panchyat allegedly firing at a crowd from his license gun on Friday.

On Saturday, a group of local supporters of the Pradhan staged sit in protest at Charangpat Mayai Leikai waiting shed denouncing the arrest of the Pradhan while another group mobilized by 12 local clubs and Meira paibi organisations protested demanding punishment for the Pradhan who allegedly fired from his license gun towards a crowd.

The first group claimed that Pradhan was innocent and demanded his immediate release.

They strongly condemned the arrest of the innocent Pradhan while the individuals disturbing developmental works get off scot free.

A protestor who took part in the protest demonstration said that some individuals attempted to hinder the development works in the locality taken up by the Pradhan, resulting in a snail pace of development in the area. Police have arrested the innocent local leader while giving impunity to the wrongdoers, the protestor said.

On the other hand, another group mobilized by local clubs and Meira Paibi Organisations also staged protest demonstrations demanding punishment for the Pradhan.

The held placards displayed read; ‘We condemn indiscriminate firing by elected representative’, ‘punish the pradhan who fired amidst the crowd’ etc.

Meanwhile, a press conference was held at Charangpat Gram Panchayat office where ward members were present.

Charangpat GP ward no.7 member L. Lupajao, who claimed to be eye witness of the firing incident’ said that the pradhan blank-fired his license in self-defence when some youths attempted to assault him physically over a controversy regarding transportation of earth dug out from a local pond. The Pradhan never aimed his gun towards the crowd nor targeted anyone, he claimed.

He further said that some youths started attacking the Pradhan while he was in the process of collecting the earth dug out from a public pond near the Charangpat High School for use at the local community hall.

Charangpat Development Organisation (CDO) member S.Bidyakumar also denied the charges leveled against the Pradhan.

Ward no.4 member Th Sanjoy, ward no 1 member nominee S. Joychand and others also attended the press meet.

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