Changes cannot be brought by a few people, collective effort needed: Minister Karam Shyam

Changes cannot be brought by a few people, collective effort needed: Minister Karam Shyam

TMB Report: Minister of CAF and PD, Weight and Measures Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Karam Shyam has said that our country is a fast developing country and leaving out the north east states it cannot fully attain the goal of being a developed country. The government of India with its Act East Policy is undergoing many developmental programmes in the north east states, he stated suggesting that the mission for development of the region is moving along the directed course.

The minister was addressing as the chief guest at the inaugural function of the North East NSS festival, 2020 held at Centenary Hall, MU on Monday. “The National Services Schemes (NSS) festival is such a programme that helps in making us youths ‘a wealth of the nation’. The name itself signifies that whatever you have to learn from this festival is the good services which a society or a nation is in need. The nation needs efficient youths and also the future of the nation lies to the youths,” he stated.

He further said that the region has unique culture and identity and we have to preserve it. He said that the arts and culture and sporting acumen are famous so ‘we north east people need to work harder in order to enable us to proud ourselves in spite our geographical hindrances’. “Our youths should be of good human resources. The youths of the north eastern states should work together with understanding and co-operation to solve the problems together. At the meantime, the youths are being invaded with drugs, which we need to confront against on this issue together,” he added.

“The changes cannot be brought by a few numbers of people; it will need a mass collective participation to fight against all challenges which is a requirement at this hour. We need to produce more and more potential youths and at the same time our economy of the region is not in a good position due to geographical factors and development in the industrial sector is in a lower level. We have to find new possibilities for our economic development,” concluded the minister.

Associate Professor, Department of Education cum NSS Programme Coordinator Dr. Keisham Shitaljit said that north east NSS festival was organized at the regional level. The main objective of organizing the festival is to share the respective cultural and traditional aspects of all participants representing eight north eastern states under one common platform. Altogether, 300 NSS volunteers from these states are taking part in the festival. Many cultural exchange programmes and interaction with eminent personalities will be the main highlights of the festival, he added.

The 5-day long festival was organized jointly by the NSS Cell, MU and Regional Directorate of NSS, Guwahati under the sponsorship of Ministry of Youths Affairs and Sports, government of India. The festival will conclude on February 6, 2020.

Vice-chancellor In-charge Prof. Amar Yumnam, MU President of MUTA Professor M. Ranjit Singh, Dean of Students Welfare, Professor Th.Ratankumar Singh, and Regional Director of NSS, Guwahati Dipak Kumar, attended as the main invitees.

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