Change of Mindset

Change of Mindset

Hard work, dedication, sincerity and professionalism are some of the factors that define the success stories behind any big companies, corporate, state or even a country. For one to be successful some of these values will have to be applied, to the core and one will have to strive on it to succeed. Rome was not built in a day, history and books have taught. And if today, the world studies and talks about the Roman, Egyptian and Harappan civilizations, one will to remember that it took them years and years of hard work, dedication to reach the status that they are talked and discussed about today. It was blood and sweat to the least for the future to be bright and successful. So with the giant tech companies and other corporate of the world; be it Google, Facebook, Amazon, Reliance Industries, Microsoft, Apple Inc. etc, it all began from a scratch but was not without hard work, dedication, sincerity and professionalism. The big names of the individuals behind this success stories never gave up but faced all the challenges and obstacles only to come up on top and create history. So with the various governments from across the globe; economical, political and social challenges had to be face to stand where they are today.

Coming to Manipur, the work culture here speaks of a different story. “Chalta hain” is the attitude of the working lot here in the state. Be it government or private offices, what one finds is a lazy attitude of the workers or the employees. There is no hard work, no sincerity, no dedication nor professionalism. Everyone seems to be moving and working in their own time and space with no worries of whether the work will be finish on time or not. Long holidays, proxies, absent without leave are some of the common scenes at workplaces in Manipur especially in government offices but they still get paid. Perhaps, that is the reason why people in the state crave for government jobs.

So, with an attitude like that, how is Manipur ever going to progress? No one wants to work hard. Forget about sincerity, dedication and professionalism; it’s something that’s almost unthinkable in the state. That is also the reason by corruption does exist and in dragging down the state. While the efforts of the people of the state should be to lift up the state, it appears to be otherwise here – eating up the resources of the state with almost nothing to give back.

But then again, there are many that are ready to give it all for the development of the state, to take to the next level and make it amongst the best in the country. However, many a times these people are destroyed the already existing system and thus failing to survive. A single rotten potato in a bag can spoil the whole potato is what is often said. But here in the state, it appears more like a few good potatoes are being destroyed by a bad of rotten potatoes. That said, it is important that attitude of the people change, especially at work places. A laid back, carefree attitude towards work is not going to help anyone in the long run. Many of the employees feel that they have the obligation to be paid their salary regardless of how they work, and that is what is eating up Manipur and its work culture.

(From TMB Editorial File)

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