CESM clarifies

CESM clarifies

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Catholic Educational Society Manipur (CESM) clarified that a certain person with a commercial mindset had invented face- masks emblazoned with the names of some of the Catholic Mission Schools in Imphal, Manipur with self-invented logos.

 As per the clarification made by the CESM by its director Fr. Stephen Touthang said that it was very unfortunate that the picture of the masks has gone viral on social media platforms and has ensued many negative comments that have put the reputation of the Catholic Mission Schools in general at stake.

While, it added that the invented face mask has been done without the knowledge and consent of the school authorities and no Catholic Mission School will ever permit such a person possessing such a business and mercantile proclivity.

the Catholic mission schools or institutions have nothing to do with such people and the face-masks that have gone viral in the social media platforms.

 Hence, CESM requested any right thinking person not to be gullible and credulous in believing such matters and to discern and filter information as to arrive at truth. We are in the age of fake news and many naive and dupable people can easily be trapped, he added.

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