Ccpur police conducts health check-up

TMB Report

CHURACHANDPUR: As the saying goes, ‘Charity begins at home’ – Churachandpur District Police has started conducting periodic health check-up of its officers and personnel at all the police stations and outposts to determine their health status and take maximum health care.

It is an initiative taken for the well being and better health of police personnel of Churachandpur district.

“As we have been out on duty for strict enforcement of lockdown and to ensure social distancing, balancing it out with facilitating public to get essential commodities, the health of our officers and men is of primary concern, as our exposure is to the maximum number of persons who we come in close contact with while carrying out our duty,” said Amrita Sinha, SP, Churachandpur.

“Police is doing its best so that we can serve the public better,” she added.

This exercise is being carried out to evaluate the health status and will be done in a periodic manner, the SP informed.

“Stay at home, stay safe, stay healthy is what we have been requesting people and it is with the cooperation from the public that we have been able to keep the place safe, so far,” she said.

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