Ccpur Kidnapping:

Ccpur Kidnapping:

Reveal identity, give befitting punishment, demands student bodiesĀ 

TMB Report

Ccpur: In regards to the kidnapping of a 13 years boy from Raenkai village on Thursday, whose kidnappers have been arrested, a Joint Students Bodies, Churachandpur have lauded the timely action of the Churachandpur District Police in nabbing those involved in the kidnapping of Master Eric Zohmathuoi (13 years) S/o Mr. Stephan Vanlalrum of Bridge Street, Rengkai.

In a press release handed out to the pressman the Joint Students Bodies, while appreciating the Police Department for their swift action, requested them to reveal the intentions of the culprit to the general public so that all can be more prepared to thwart such incidents in future while also requesting the Concern authority to award befitting punishment to the culprits.

The non-locals i.e. the non-bona fide are welcome in Ccpur speak volume and it is truly monstrous that a non-local are now involved in the kidnapping of a child for which the Joint student bodies feel that it is the need of the hour to deliberate upon the issue of Non Locals in Churachandpur and kept a strict regulations on their population and their activities said the press release

Therefore, the Joint Students Bodies would initiate various measures to regulate the influx of immigrants and shall leave no stone unturned to maintain peace and tranquility in the district.

Meanwhile on being contacted the Ccpur police said that that are investigation two suspects who are being attested   saying that they are in their Custody and that they  are investigating into the matter and as statements have to be taken thoroughly, including  some technical data has been put into place which is yet to come,  so more work need to be done as the investigation is going one till this reports was being filed.

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