CAU programme discusses importance of Coconut in state; 4000 saplings distributed

CAU programme discusses importance of Coconut in state; 4000 saplings distributed

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IMPHAL: The Central Agricultural University has distributed 4000 coconut saplings for plantation during a one day training program which was organised in collaboration with Bharat Vikas Parishad and Bharitya Kisan Sangh, Manipur Prant at its premises on Thursday.

At the event Vice Chancellor of CAU Dr. Premjit stated that they have recently started a trail of coconut plantation at Kwatha Village. The coconut plants can give multiple benefits to humankind, he said and encouraged potential entrepreneurs on taking up coconut plantation telling that it could be a profit making venture.

He further told that every part of a coconut plant has its uses, including the fruits, stem, and leaves. The hard shell covering the fruit is useful too. It is traditionally used in homes to steam food. It is also a popular craft material. Many beautiful craft items are made out of coconut shells. It can be easily colored and carved into beautiful art pieces, he said.

During the distribution event, Dr. Premjit told that around 5000 saplings of the plant were bought recently from Guwahati at the costs of Rs 5,00,000. The coconut trees are widely cultivated in many places in South India for both commercial and home use as the warm climatic areas suit its growth. CAU has also planted coconut saplings at Kwatha Village considering the climatic affinity, he added. 

During the event held under the sponsorship of ICAR- Central Institute for Cotton Research, Regional Center, Coimbatore Dr. Premjit further mentioned that even during the present situation of COVID-19 in the state, agriculture sector has not been affected nor anything can create disturbances in food production and income generation by dedicated farmers here. Under CAU, there are 41 fruit villages created successfully in parts of North East state, he added.

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