By-election to 13 ACs amid COVID-19 pandemic untimely: HERICOUN

By-election to 13 ACs amid COVID-19 pandemic untimely: HERICOUN

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Ethno Heritage Council (HERICOUN) has termed the preparation of the Election Commission of India (ECI) to conduct by-election to the 13 Assembly constituencies amid the COVID-19 pandemic spiraling out of control resulting to fatalities as ‘untimely’.

HERICOUN, in a statement, urged the state Government, political parties to pressurize the ECI not to hold the by-election in such crucial time of COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Manipur should also submit a report to the ECI, HERICOUN said.

Educational institutes, small scale business establishments and other sectors remain closed for months, several jobless daily wage earners are passing through a hard life due to lockdown. Preparation to hold election while the people are taking precautions to stay safe from the virus is unacceptable, HERICOUN maintained.

The COVID-19 contagion has invaded the state, causing fatalities and rapid surge in positive cases day by day, despite the effort to contain the virus by imposing Lockdown. Chief Minister earlier announced that community transmission had started in the state. Holding by-election will lead to mass gathering and mass spread of the virus, it added.

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