Black Day protest strike effects normalcy

Black Day protest strike effects normalcy

TMB Report

Imphal: Amidst the ongoing hardship of Covid-19 outbreak, the 18 hour general strike which was called by banned insurgent groups based in Manipur to protest the Merger Agreement has paralyzed normal activities across the state. The general strike started at midnight last.

The 18 hour general strike was called in connection with the “Black Day” observation to protest against the signing of the Merger Agreement between the Governor of India and the Maharaja of Manipur on September 21, 1949 and which was enforced on the following October 15.

The protest against the Merger agreement was widely condemned since the signature of the Maharaja of Manipur ceding to the dominion Government of India gave full and exclusive authority, jurisdiction and powers for and in relationship to the governance of the state and agrees to transfer the administration of the state to the Dominion Government of India on the fifteenth day of October month year 1949.

During the strike, all vehicular movement on the road was reduced and absent in some places except some private vehicles. Some of the busiest markets and commercial areas namely Thangal bazar, Paona bazar were all closed down and the streets were bereft of traffic or pedestrians, inviting some kids to play outdoor games there. However, government offices were seen to be functioning as normal though some of the offices closed in the middle of the day.

To avoid any unwanted incidents, police personnel and other security forces were seen deployed in every nook and corner of Imphal city and around. On the other hand, pharmacies shut down creating an awkward situation for customers. There were no reports of unwanted incidents and violence during the period of the general strike.

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