BJP-led govt will not be able to put an end to Lhukhosei drug haul case: CPI

TMB Report

IMPHAL: CPI, Manipur State Council has stated that the people of Manipur has now realised that under the prevailing circumstances the BJP-led government would not be able to put an end to Lukhoshei Zou drug haul case, which have turned out to be a bigger issue due to the fallout of the submission of an affidavit by former ASP of NAB, Thounaojam Brinda Devi at the Manipur High Court.

In a press release issued by state secretary L. Sotinkumar, it was stated that the affidavit of Th. Brinda mentioned pressure being exerted on her from different quarters, including a person claiming to be a close acquaintance of CM, and top police officers in favour of the drug smuggling accused. Thus it comes down to the Chief Minister N. Biren himself being involved in the case, added the press release.

However, even if clarification was made by the Manipur Police department that the government and the authority has been working sincerely and relentlessly in the ongoing war against drugs, the people of Manipur have generally understood and had accused the involvement of Chief Minister in the case.

CPI MSC urged CM N. Biren to clarify comprehensively in the interest of  the stakeholders that have been relentlessly supporting the “War against drugs” promised by the present government on those allegations made in the affidavit submitted to the high court.

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