BJP-led government’s policies to fight against COVID-19 falling apart: MPCC

BJP-led government’s policies to fight against COVID-19 falling apart: MPCC

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IMPHAL: The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has blamed the BJP-led government for the failure to curb Covid-19 crisis in the state, making its observation that the various state government’s policies to fight against Covid-19 seem to be falling apart.

At a press meet held at Congress Bhavan on Saturday, MPCC Vice President Moirangthem Hemanta Singh criticized the failed policies of present ruling government related to combating the global pandemic as well as the unsuccessful outcome of activities of the joint committee formed by coopting few MLAs and leaders of Civil Society Organisations.

He claimed that the Joint Committee on Covid-19 has now becomes powerless and dysfunctional, and suggested that in order to rejuvenate the battle against Covid-19 the state government should set up a Cabinet Sub Committee, like the one that was formed during the successful hosting of 1999 National Games in Manipur, where the overall duties needed in order to accomplish the final objective was decentralized to the sub committees by the then government.

He said that while medical experts in other parts of the country are engaged in robust programs for helping the people in maintaining strong immune system and providing instructions, the opposite is apparently observed in Manipur. The BJP led government in the state has fallen to a level of incapacitation in its functioning that it is not able to supply even a proper meal to the Covid-19 patients who are presently undergoing treatment in state run Covid-19 Care Centres.

On the inconveniences being faced due to limited testing capacity, the MPCC Vice President Moirangthem Hemanta Singh asked what is stopping the state government from procuring affordable Trunat Machine which are worth just around Rs 5 lakhs per machine and embark on mass testing.

The panicky thoughts in the minds of the people in the state due to rapid increases in positive cases can managed to a large extent by forming multi-structured committees at grassroots, district and state level for an improved monitoring system to help manage mass testing campaign, under which State level officer, District level officer, Local Body, Panchayat and Pradhan members, Asha and Angalwadi workers  altogether are to be deployed  and assigned roles to fight against Covid-19 collectively. The present loopholes and inadequacies can only be filled up only when the government could boldly summon the power to sanction funds from various channels and use it in purchasing adequate numbers of Trunat Machine that can conduct Covid-19 tests of around forty people in one hour, he mentioned.

Nevertheless, the government should understand that without proper policies in reaching out essential food items for the people, the lockdown and curfew imposed can never be the long term solution in fighting the pandemic, he stated.

The Congress party urged the government to handle the situations in a civil and professional manner and not with political preoccupations. The people in the state have begun losing their trust and felt like their lives have been slowly pushed into the pit and graveyards preyed by Covid-19 virus, he asserted.

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