BJP has violated lockdown guidelines: CPI Manipur

TMB Report

IMPHAL: CPI Manipur State Council has alleged that BJP government has violated lockdown norms in the quest of tackling their present political issues, and stated that the government has been taking advantages of its position and misusing their powers.

In a press release issued by CPI MSC State Secretary L. Sotinkumar, it was stated that various MPs, and BJP leaders visited the state without undergoing quarantine guidelines. Welcome events of the newly elected BJP president has also increased with public gathering celebration in various Assembly constituencies and at community levels, taking advantages of having power in their hands, it stated. The CPI questioned that how long such irresponsible and purposeful exposure and violation of SOP guidelines will continue. It has also warned that the unmonitored movements of their leaders and numerous public gatherings without maintaining social distancing measures will increase the risk of community transmission, added the press release.

It further stated that while the government has gave instructions to the people by issuing orders to maintain limits in holding rituals and other events, numerous contractors and officials are gathering in places like Secretariat office and various other related departments and offices without maintaining social distancing measures. The policies of BJP to curve this pandemic seem absolutely targeting for torturing the people. If the authorities that have been charging the people and CPI members of violating lockdown guidelines, it would not be wrong to charge BJP party of repeatedly violating laws and guidelines imposed for strict following to each and every citizens to fight against the virus, CPI stated in the note.

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